Leg braces and crutches, then eventually to a wheelchair. Ruben doesn’t know why he was born with Cerebral Palsy, and he figures it doesn’t do him much good to think about it. He’s just a guy trying to fit in, have fun. Whether it’s fate, luck of the draw or God’s will, he’ll leave that debate for his two closest friends.

Mike a tall lanky blonde white guy with a heart of gold, and not a single religious bone in his body. Alfred is a dark scruffy haired Latino who loves Jesus. Mike lives for the day and loves to party. Alfred lives for the bible and loves to pray.

Mike and Alfred have an indelible impact on Ruben’s life. He enjoys spending time with them both, but as Alfred works to bring Ruben closer to faith, Mike is there to pull in the opposite direction.

This tug of war gets momentum in Alfred’s direction when Ruben hears a testimony in church that has a profound effect on him. Embracing his newborn faith, and a life in the church, Ruben meets Renee, the woman he will marry.

Finding faith is easier than keeping it, a lesson Ruben learns when he faces a reality that is far worse than living with Cerebral Palsy, the possibility of losing a child. His youngest daughter Emily is born with Spina bifida, and a malformation of her brain, and must undergo emergency surgery to save her life.

Ruben now faces an inner turmoil of anger, fear, and sorrow, which threatens to break him, as he asks the one question he has always avoided… why?